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About Us

In photography,the goal is to give you a window to our world.
I invite you behind the lens.

Images That Speak Ur Language

The Founder of Run with the Wild, Kathleen Chute

Kathleen Chute with Run With The Wild.
Is A Cancer survivor and a Professional Wildlife ,Freestyle photographer
My work consists of natural wildlife and miscellaneous subjects. ...
High resolution digital images of birds, amphibians, insects, wildflowers, wildlife, people, objects ,work situations ,real world issues and more.
Kathleen Chute has worked for The State Of Tennessee and The US Fish and Wildlife Division for a Combination Of 13 Years taking Stunning Images to benefit their respective needs.
Kathleen Chute founded www.RunwiththeWild.com in 1999.
She is a highly skilled and recognized wildlife photographer based in Clarksville TN.
She has provided commercial, corporate, advertising, editorial and print photography to a variety of clients for the last 10 years.
Now you can enjoy her Works here in Print.
Special image request always welcome for any subject of interest and Personal Photography contracts for functions and events always available.
Singed Images at request
Thank you for Showing Interest in Kathleen Chute with Runwiththewild


I am a Wife of 12 years, Married to a Vietnam Vet David Edward Chute . Thank you for Your Service .I am a Proud mother.

I am a freelance Photographer, working with animals, and local wildlife officials, I am the Owner of www.runwiththewild.com. I developed this site to share and sell my works.

My works publications are so vast in would be incomplete to list them anywhere.

My Favorite subjects are , insects ,snakes and birds. I have a Heavy Interest In Snakes. I had the honor of working with Andy Huff, amateur Herpetologist whom is Unlicensed in the state of Tennessee. To whom helped me in many capacities including snake photography and other reptile species. We worked well as a team teaching and lecturing students unlicensed in Tennessee. Together we developed www.reptileus.com and he was a great friend and will be dearly Missed, RIP.

I love working with children, I just recently worked as a Photography teacher at the

First Annual TOYS (Tennessee Outdoor Youth Summit) I Enjoy writing . I have written professionally for 6 years for an outdoor magazine,

TON Magazine , Tennessee Outdoor News.

I will write anything I am Passionate about and I will not write about anything I don’t believe in. I write from the heart and I take my own Photos. Give me a Challenge and I will run for the cliff.

I have confidence I will fly.

Animals, Safety, Hunting and History are just a few examples of what I enjoy writing about.

I am the vice president for www.gotchaserved.com. This is A website I developed for my fathers 73rd birthday. It is a website for Process Servers , Private investigators and attorneys to come together in one place, share store, store business information and solicit jobs.

I am a Job Creator with the help of every Member.

Gotchaserved is Great for new folks to the profession and make friends.

I am www.metennessee.com I enjoy Tennessee so much. I believe in our way of life, I love the land, the bible belt, the people and I believe in our future. The people of Tennessee , are my people and I want the world to know how much I love it. Me Tennessee is a Term I wrote, and it just stuck in my head .

In Life ,I shoot for the Moon.

I am an avid hunter. I have been Featured in the woman hunter magazine twice, with my own writing published. I use a muzzleloader, shotgun, crossbow and Anything I can find in sportsmanship.

It is my life’s goal to enjoy life with my husband.


I Believe in Volunteerism. I volunteered my time to the FWS for 7 years and devoted 6 years to TWRA in Tennessee.

I helped to build the one of largest Shooting complex’s in the USA I am a 2nd amendment supporter.

My Name Is Kathleen Chute And I dare you to forget My Name




Kathleen Chute's Portfolio

Below is a collection of Kathleen's publicized material. As a well recognized producer of fine quality work, as displayed on the cover of several magazines below, you can rest assured we can accommodate your photography needs as well.


These images of accomplishments will be revised shortly, Please excuse the mess, This site is under major face-lifting

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