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How to purchase images on this site

All images on this website are copyrighted.
Any copying, usage and/or distribution is strictly prohibited.

Payment Method (Ent. Version)

> You will need to tell our shopping cart which payment method you would like to use to pay for your purchases. By default the payment method is PPP (pay per purchase). Using this payment method you will need to pay during the checkout process. If other payment methods are available (e.g. Subscription or Package) you can select another payment method in the Payment Method drop down menu. You need to purchase these options before you are able use them. They can be purchased through the Products page.

Products (Ent. Version)

> We offer 3 types of products that you can choose from.

  • Duration Subscription
    Subscribing to this subscription type will allow you to purchase any media that are available for this subscription prior to its expiration date. The expiration date is calculated based on the date that you subscribe.

  • Credit Subscription
    Subscribing to this subscription type will allow you to purchase any media that are available for this subscription if its credit cost is less than or equal to your remaining credits. The subscription credits are deducted from you account each time you use it for your purchase.

  • Package Subscription
    Subscribing to this subscription type will allow you to purchase any media that are available for this subscription. You can only use this subscription for a one time purchase. We only allow you to checkout your order when the subscribed package contents and your current shopping cart contents are an exact match.

> Select the subscription type as desired and click on the Continue button to complete the purchase. Once the order is completed the subscription will display in the Payment Method section, which will allow you to select it as a payment method for your purchases.

The Stockbox

> The Lightbox is YOUR collection of images. You may add up to 30 images to your lightbox. If you wish to purchase an image that is in your lightbox, click on the thumbnail to view the enlarged image. Select the items that you want to purchase and click on the "add to cart" button.

Shopping Cart

> The shopping cart displays your order details, if you wish to delete an image from your order before proceeding to checkout, simply hit the remove link on the right side.

Checking Out

> You will need to login to checkout your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create a username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to the site to make future purchases and so that we can review your orders.

> We utilize PayPal for purchases made on this site.

> If you do not want to use our online ordering system You can of course, always mail a check as well but this adds considerable time to the processing of your order.

My Account

> This page shows your order history and also allows you to download any instant download orders.

Image File Download Terms

> Some images are available as digital files which you can download. All digital files, whether for web use or print use are "Royalty Free". Our terms are as follows:

Usage Examples
One of the most repeated questions is "can I use your photos for this purpose?" so we have assembled a list of common usage examples to help you comprehend what is allowable and what is not, and why.
commonly, Run with the wild royalty-free images are intended to act as a supporting part of your final product, be it an advetisment, web design, brochure, film, etc. If you intend to go into business creating products whose main identifying feature is a Run with the Wild  image (e.g. mug, t-shirt, poster, painting) you probably need a Special License for that.

General Rule of Thumb regarding Usage:
Now These Usages are OK: These uses are usually fine: PowerPoint template presentations, advertisement, product packaging, invitation, book cover, set design, signage, film, video, scholastic material, printed not-for-sale promotion materials,, newsletter, brochure, webpage design, web design template,. trade show

Now these usage Not OK: These uses are normally NOT allowed without a Run with The Wild special license: poster, art print, postcard, clothing (t-shirt, hat, etc.), mug. Using the photo as a definitive, main focal part of your poster, art print, postcard, clothing (t-shirt, hat, etc), mug, canvas painting or print or similar uses is normally not allowed.
What to see if Its OK :
  • If any of these conditions apply, you probably need a Run with the Wild Special License:
    • Is the image or photo a MAIN,ULTIMATE and SIGNIFICANT part of your product/project that you intend to sell or distribute?
    • Are you planning on redistributing the images online for others to use or download in any way?
    • Does the image make up 55% or more of your product, it's design purpose, or it's page layout?

Remember to re-license (re-purchase) the image each time you use it in a new product or project
Use it in 2 web site designs and 1 business card design for your clients - you should have purchased it 3 times. When you download the image you have purchased the license to use it in one project or product, it's not an unlimited usage license given the low, low cost per image. Using the images in multiple products and not purchasing the licenses for each usage is grounds for losing your right to use the images unfortunately - so please don't risk it. Please remember to re-purchase the image if you intend to use it for a new client or new usage.

Standard Permitted Uses under our Photo Usage Agreement:

  • advertisements
  • film or video
  • product packaging
  • business cards
  • newsletter,
  • brochure
  • invitations
  • flyers
  • webpage designs
  • web templates
  • presentations
  • book covers
  • set designs
  • promotional
  • cards,
  • mailers
  • scholastic materials
  • trade show signage
  • PowerPoin templates


Please Remember to re-license your image each time you use it in a new product or project. Using it in 2 different mailer projects and 1 business card design for your clients -means you should have purchased it 3 times.

  1. Using a photo as part of a brochure, advertisement, demonstration, book cover, packaging, marketing material, newsletter, promotional or scholastic materials, presentations, within films or videos, website design etc. is normaly OK. As long as the photo is an integrated supportive part of your project or product, and not a main definitive part of the actual product you are normaly fine.
    "Definitive" (for the purposes of determining whether your usage is allowable) means it is a main, important part of why someone would want your product.
    Examples of Non-Ultimately image use:
    if the image is small and used in an additional manner and is not the main focus of the shirt design, page layout, or product, then it's most likely acceptable.
    If the image is used as a smaller, supporting part of the product and not a main objective part of the merchandise or design, you are probably OK..
  2. URLs and Website Designs. Using the images in your web page design is fine. Please don't post the entire photo(s) alone, in larger than 810 pixels or in a "gallery" format, where you have a bunch of images as in a photo collection or library files. Doing this makes it too easy for people to right-click and steal the entire photo size and format. (Posting the images as a gallery, library ,or collection for your users to download is NOT allowed) You would need a ( Special License) for this use
  3. Website and PowerPoint templates. Using the images in your website or PowerPoint templates is acceptable. You MAY NOT distribute the full sized photos in your template -- the image file must be embedded into your Photoshop, Firewords, Illustrator or Powerpoint (.PSD, .PNG, .AI, .EPS or .PPT file).
    Take Note you must re-buy the photo if you plan to use it in multiple templates It is possible you could lose your rights to use the photo if we notice that you are selling multiple templates with an image in it, but only purchased the image once.
  4. On a business card. Using a image on a business card in the design is OK because the photo is not being re-sold as a photo and also is contained on the smaller portion of the card design.
  5. Book Covers. Book covers are allowed.. they are a small part of a book.
  6. Product packaging is always OK as long as you are not insulting the model (pending relevancy).
  7. Printing a poster, postcard, etc. for your personal use. This is always OK because the image is not being re-sold or circulated. If you need to make more than one print for your business office for instance, this is also OK, as long as you are not reselling the print and you buy a new license for each copy you use in your business. Printing posters to SELL requires a special license
  8. Film, video You may use the images inside a film or video production for any reason.
  9. Re-touching or editing the photo for your project or product is OK as long as your product/project is unacceptable under all of these terms and agreements.

Uses normally NOT Permitted without a Special Run With the Wild License:
Please Contact Us Here

  • For-sale products where the product is mainly the image from Run With the Wild A Special Licence is needed.
    • Depending on the Image Use and licensing terms.
      A Photo may become unavailable to other buyers after Licensing for the License term.
      In order to save you money, we encourage licensing over total copyright purchase.

If copyright purchase is desired or special license pricing is needed please contact us.

  • . Examples
  • calendars
  • t-shirts
  • mugs
  • hats
  • mouse pads
  • posters
  • art prints
  • paintings
  • postcards
  • online galleries
  • screensavers
  • e-cards
  • greeting
  • cards
  1. Printing photo on a postcard, poster, canvas print, t-shirt, clothing, mug, hat, art print, calendar, canvas print, digitally  re-creating  the photo, etc. where the Run with The Wild image is a mainly the Objective part of the product - not allowed without a special Licenses.
    The photos can be used in printed products and clothing, etc. as long as the image is a minor part of the design - less than 55% and not a main objective part of the merchandise.
  2. Re-selling the photo or rights to it. Not allowed. Contact us for a special License if you have a need for this type of usage or have questions about whether your usage is allowable. Thank you.
  3. Distributing the photos as a gallery or within software programs or screensavers. You cannot sell or distribute a group of photos within your software application in a "stand-alone" manner that would make it easy to steal the photos or post them online or share them with others as standard photo images (i.e. the photos are kept in a folder within your software, making them easy to steal). They must be embedded into your software program in a way that makes it near impossible to extract the photos. You can use the photos in most any way if a moderate amount of text or other elements are overlaid over the photo in an embedded way.
  4. Printing or re-painting the photo as paintings or art prints. Not allowed without Special License. See # 1 above.
  5. Within a logo. Not OK, unless you don't mind that the logo's copyright cannot belong to you. By using a photo in your logo (remember the photo's copyright belongs to the photographer), you are preventing yourself from ever owning the copyright to your logo unless you purchase the copyright from the photographer who took the image.
  6. Making the photos available to your customers or users online, via CD, DVD or any other method. Not OK, except your users are each buying the photos as per our Photo Usage Agreement. In other words, you cannot download a bunch of photos from our site then post or share them for your customers to use. Each usage should be paid for, unless you have a special license.
  7. Re-touching or editing the photo a little does not make re-printing allowed... unless the re-touched photo is not at all recognizable as it existed before you re-touched or edited it.
  8. Don't slander ,insult or defame  models in any way.

Product Return Policy

> If for any reason you are not satisfied with a print order, we will refund 100% of your order upon its return to us in the condition that it was received with in 31 Days.. Return shipping charges are your responsibility. You must contact us prior to any return and we will give you specific return instructions. If your order is delivered damaged, it is your responsibility to contact the shipper. IMPORTANT: Save all packing materials. Failure to do so can cause the shipper to deny your claim.

Product Return Policy for Downloads

> If you have downloaded an image that has technical flaws please contact us for a refund of all credits for downloading the image. If you are not able to download an image,we will refund the credits,provided that Run with the Wild determines that you have been unable to download the image successfully. If you have lost credits due to multiple unsuccessful attempts of retrieving the file, you should email support for a full refund of the extra credits. Downloads are not refunded if more than 8 days from the download date have passed.


> We have endeavored to create an easy to search database for our growing collection of images. As you can see there are numerous categories to browse. You can also enter keywords in the search box to narrow your choices. We have embedded keywords into all the image collections to respond to more selected searches. The scope of your search results will be determined by your selection of keywords.

> Quick Search - By default the system uses "Match at least one keyword" for the quick search function. If you input "beautiful sunset" (without the quotes) into the quick search field, then the search function will return results for any media that contain either "beautiful" OR "sunset" in its properties.

The system supports the "AND" and NOT" operands in the quick search function by the use of the plus sign (+) and minus sign (-) respectively in front of the keywords.

  • If you input "beautiful +sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will only return results for any media that contain both keywords "beautiful" AND "sunset" in its properties.

  • If you input "beautiful "sunset" (without the quotes) into the search field, the system will return results for any media that contain the keyword "beautiful", but this media can't contain the keyword "sunset" in its properties.

  • Note: There must not any spaces between the second keyword and the input operands (+), (-) keywords.

> Advanced Search (Pro. & Ent. versions) - The advanced search function doesn"t use the same algorithms as above. It offers options allowing you to choose which operand you want to use for your searches.

There are three options available.

  • Match at least one keyword
    The system will return results for any media that contain either one of the input keywords in its properties.

  • Match all keywords
    The system will only return results for any media that contain all input keywords in its properties.

  • Match exact phrase
    The system will only return results for any media that contains the exact input keyword phrase in its properties.

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